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On February 6, the whole world woke up to the terrible news of the humanitarian catastrophe created by the earthquake whose epicenter was located in Pazarcik in the Kahramanmaras province of Turkey. The magnitude of the earthquake caused the consequences to affect 8 countries in the region: Cyprus, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Georgia and Armenia. Many Lebanese are still on the streets refusing to return to their homes for fear of further aftershocks. The vast majority cite the trauma and aftermath of the Beirut port explosion in August 2020 as the main reason. 1. Collapsed building in Saadnayel, Beqaa. 2. Minor damage to a building in the north of the country. 3. Residents reported firing shots in the air to wake up people whose buildings were threatening to collapse. This has accidentally caused the bullet to hit the head of a Syrian refugee child in Bar Elias, Beqaa.


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