URDA Spain Worldwide

Our international work focuses on improving the quality of life of thousands of refugees and migrants who have been affected by conflicts, wars and natural disasters that generate the forced displacement of people around the world.

How do we do it?

Humanitarian aid

We respond immediately to natural disasters and movements of displaced people in need of urgent emergency assistance with the primary objective of covering basic needs for food, aid and shelter.

Cooperación al desarrollo
ong cooperación al desarrollo


We carry out sustainable development actions in the aftermath of a humanitarian crisis or emergency in order to boost the independence, development and autonomy capacities of individuals and communities.

Intervention in refugee camps

From URDA Spain we develop various lines of intervention in 36 refugee camps in Lebanon to support the needs of thousands of displaced people.

Cooperación al desarrollo
Ayudar a familias desfavorecidas

Psycho-social and educational support

As part of our development cooperation programs, we implement social, psychological and educational support actions for people in vulnerable situations, especially displaced children living in refugee camps in Lebanon.

women’s empowerment

We generate spaces for the empowerment of refugee women in order to strengthen their autonomy, support their emotional recovery and promote labor inclusion that allows the generation of resources and the reduction of their situation of need.

Empoderamiento mujer refugiada

Our work in numbers


Humanitarian aid and development cooperation


Winter and food kits delivered


Children with psychosocial and educational support


Refugee camps that benefit from our work


Homes rehabilitated after Beirut explosion


Hospitals rehabilitated after Beirut blast

The biggest impact on people

We want to ensure that our work improves people’s quality of life, so every year we measure how we have achieved this.

By 2020, we achieved more than 420,000 positive impacts in our programs around the world.

420,000 positive impacts

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