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Our work in Spain focuses on supporting refugees and migrants, especially women and their families, who have been forced to flee and migrate due to inequalities.

How do we do it?

Acción social en España

Social and employment support

Information and social and labor guidance to migrant and refugee women, accompaniment, or referrals to other specialized resources to promote social inclusion and empowerment of women. Actions aimed at supporting their social inclusion and empowerment.

Legal assistance

Information and orientation on the international protection program, foreigners, family reunification procedures or denials of the asylum process.

ONG Acción social España asistencia jurídica
Acción social España aprender español

Language training

Basic element from the beginning of the social intervention to facilitate the integration of migrant and refugee women and their families in the new host society. Face-to-face Spanish classes (within the framework of the Santander Fundación project), as well as virtual classes (Fundación Telefónica).

Psychological care services

Specialized support for refugee and migrant women to deal with difficulties after leaving their country and the process of adapting to the host society.

Acción social España psicológia
Acción social en España

Financial support
to the most vulnerable

From our services, we help many people who are in a situation of extreme vulnerability and who, in addition to our professional accompaniment, need help to cover their basic needs.

Guidance on formalities and
and procedures

We accompany refugee and immigrant women in their asylum and immigration procedures to ensure that they receive the protection they need and are able to live and work in dignity.

Acción social en España
Acción social en España

women’s empowerment

We generate spaces for the empowerment of women through concrete actions for their labor inclusion, emotional recovery and the creation of networks among equals.

to society

To create more inclusive worlds and mobilize society’s support for refugees, we develop awareness-raising and advocacy actions to better understand the reality of women who are forced to flee persecution, war, conflict and inequality.

Acción social en España

Our work in numbers










Aula virtual ONG España

Virtual Classroom

Launching of the ICT Classroom so that women and their families can have a space for learning, consultation and use of computers with Internet connection. This tool helps to reduce both the digital divide and the expansion of resources with the aim of accessing the same opportunities for information, job search and training.

Courses for access
to the labor market

MOOC courses aimed at the Ukrainian population with the support of Fundación Telefónica.

Acción social en España. Asesoría mercado laboral ONG

The biggest impact on people

We want to make sure that our work improves people’s quality of life, so every year we ask those who participate in our programs to evaluate us, following criteria of quality, anonymity and transparency.

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