You can contribute directly to improve the living conditions of a child, woman, elderly person or a family in a vulnerable situation in refugee camps.
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This is how your donation arrives to the sponsored person:

Your donation goes 100% to the sponsored person. This includes direct aid and administrative costs and bank commissions that must be covered so the money can reach the person.

Donar a una ONG. Gráfico gastos.

You can sponsor a child in a vulnerable situation and, in the process, contribute to improving the living conditions of other children in their community. Sponsorship with URDA Spain proposes collective benefits, thus avoiding any type of discriminatory situation among the beneficiary children and helping to empower the community to which they belong.

URDA Spain will invest your collaboration in improving the food, educational and psychosocial assistance this child and their community receive, thanks to our Child Support Program.


Sponsorship is a model that allows a direct impact on a person in a specific vulnerable situation. All the donations that we receive in URDA SPAIN from godfathers and godmothers go directly in their entirety to the person sponsored in a refugee camp.

Your donation becomes a stable support so that the person can overcome their situation of vulnerability and/or can cover basic aspects such as food, education, medicines, among others.

Yes, once you select the profile of the person you want to sponsor (Boy or Girl, Woman, Elderly Person or Family) and complete the sponsorship process, you will receive a communication from our team informing you of the specific person you are going to sponsor. In that first report you will be able to know a little about the history, needs, place of origin, age, and name of the person.

In addition, you will receive a report on the updated situation of the person you are sponsoring every 3 months.

Yes, it is totally safe.

You carry out the payment process directly through the secure payment gateway with your bank card. In addition, you will be able to track the charges on your card as with any other recurring payment you have.

Yes, you can sponsor as many people as you want. Remember that for this you must do each procedure separately since the amount of the sponsorships is destined 100% to one person and cannot be split among several people.

Yes, at any time you can notify us of your withdrawal from the refugee sponsorship program.

To do this, we recommend that you contact our team by phone +34 919 353 759 or email info@urdaspain.org.

In case you want to continue collaborating with URDA SPAIN in another way, we will offer you the other options we have.

Yes, in addition to sponsoring a refugee, you can also make a one-off donation or become a regular member of our organization.

Donations are specific aids that help us have a specific impact on a person or emergency situation. Our Partners are the ones who help us keep our mission alive and maintain the development and sustainability of our programs in the long term.

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