RefugiART Experiences

The refugiART Experiences are solidarity actions of inclusion and social cohesion, whose objective is to empower refugee women in Spain, through meeting spaces with local people and professionals from companies.

The refugiART Experiences help refugee women to develop a professional activity for which they receive remuneration and allows them to evolve in their process of social inclusion.

Empoderamiento de la mujer

All our experiences are adapted to the health reality, so they can be carried out online or in person, ensuring a very participatory dynamic in which to immerse yourself and enjoy the experience from wherever you live.

In addition, refugee experiences help us to build more inclusive and diverse societies, allowing us to raise awareness among the local population about the situation of refugee women in Spain.

To whom are they addressed?

The refugiART Experiences are highly recommended for companies looking for new Team Building formulas. This experience becomes an ideal scenario to develop CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs and to implement corporate volunteering actions.

Also, refugiART experiences improve interpersonal relationships between work teams, increase their motivation, reinforce mutual trust and generate greater identification with the company and its social responsibility values.

Empoderamiento de la mujer

What are the refugiART Experiences?

At URDA Spain we are currently developing two types of refugiART Experiences

Empoderamiento de la mujer

refugiART with Flavor

Experience based on cooking workshops, taught by one of our chefs who are refugee women. It brings together people who want to learn how to cook recipes from the gastronomy of different countries.

Empoderamiento de la mujer

Sustainable refugiART

Experience based on recycling workshops where refugee women work with others to create together 100% sustainable items, such as bags, purses, brooches, baskets, pencil holders and many more.

How to participate in a refugiART Experience

Participating in a refugiART Experience is very simple.
Just contact us and we will advise you to create a refugiARTE Experience that is truly unique.

You can fill in this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Do you want to know other ways of collaboration for your company?

If your company is interested in other ways to support refugee and migrant women, you can find more information here.