Help the Ukrainian people who are coming to Spain

Nearly 3 million people have fled Ukraine and face a desperate situation. More than 1,000 Ukrainians have already arrived in Spain escaping the conflict.


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Podemos ayudar a 1 niño o niña e un campo de refugiados.


Para alimentar 1 mes a una familia refugiada en España.


Para alimentar 15 días a 2 familias en un campo de refugiados.


Mes de apoyo social y jurídico a una mujer refugiada (España).

Otra cantidad

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We are already attending in Spain to Ukrainian people fleeing the war
Ayuda a ucranianos en España. Vivienda
Living place

URDA Spain takes care of the rent of several apartments in the Community of Madrid, as well as the expenses for the necessary supplies (electricity, gas, water) to welcome the displaced Ukrainians. Each floor is prepared to accommodate groups between 3 and 8 adults, as well as 12 minors.

Ayuda a ucranianos en España. Acogida


We offer advice on all legal procedures, psychological care, as well as primary care, access to resources, Spanish learning workshops and employment and career guidance workshops. Through various agreements with universities, we also offer translation support to facilitate their integration.

Ayuda a ucranianos en España. Comida

We coordinate our efforts with the Municipal District Board and the Municipal Social Services  for the distribution of food and everything necessary to live. We also manage their access to soup kitchens and develop our “Alimenta Su DIGNIDAD” project to cover the needs of Ukrainian women in Spain.