Corporate alliances

At URDA Spain we are aware of the social importance of companies, not only as economic and labor engines, but also as drivers of an image that impacts the reality around us.

Your company is very important

By collaborating with us, your company can increase its social relevance. And there are many ways to collaborate. We give you just a few ideas, but we are sure there is something we can do together to improve the lives of people in especially vulnerable situations.

If you are an SME, you can also collaborate with URDA Spain and benefit from it. How? A monthly contribution will improve the lives of many people and your corporate image.

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Ayudar a familias desfavorecidas

Support a solidarity action

Generate an immediate positive impact on vulnerable refugees and migrants.
With your timely contribution we can support many vulnerable people in Spain or in Refugee Camps.

Involve your team

Develop a teambuilding and awareness action with your employees together with refugee women from URDA SPAIN.
In addition to showing your team your solidarity, you would be contributing to the employability of refugee women.

Involve your customers

Many clients are looking to contribute to charitable causes and you can be the channel for them to do so.
We can develop together
cause marketing actions that support vulnerable people and show your customers your spirit of solidarity.

Ayudar a familias desfavorecidas

Hires refugee women

Help us break the cycle of poverty by creating jobs for vulnerable women in Spain. By hiring refugee and migrant women you would be positively changing their lives and gaining great talent in your company.
in your company.

Finance a project

Help us develop a project to support the needs of vulnerable refugees and migrants. We will tell you about the intervention needs we have identified at URDA SPAIN and you will be able to get involved in the process of designing and developing the project.

Ayudar a familias desfavorecidas

Become an ally

Contribute to achieving our mission by
mission by supporting people who have been forced to flee and are seeking refuge and protection. With a regular donation you will become a great ally for refugees and migrants and for URDA SPAIN.


Here’s how you can support us:

This is how URDA SPAIN distributes
the funds we receive:

Ayudar a familias desfavorecidas


Making a donation to an organization is a very good way to channel your solidarity. The donation we receive at URDA SPAIN help us to generate a greater impact on the lives of people, refugees and migrants.

Your donation will be an unexpected gift for them, and for you the satisfaction of knowing that you have made an important change in their lives.

Yes, it is totally secure.

The payment process is done directly by you through the secure payment gateway with your bank card. In addition, in case you want to make your recurring donation (monthly or yearly) you will be able to see the charges made on your card as any other recurring payment you have.

Yes, you can make as many donations as you want. You can even write the amount you wish to donate in case you do not find it in the suggested amounts.

Yes, at any time you can inform us of the cancellation of your regular donation to our organization.

Para realizarlo te recomendamos que te pongas en contacto con nuestro equipo a través del teléfono +34 919 353 759 o el email

En caso de que quieras seguir colaborando de otra forma con URDA SPAIN, te ofreceremos las otras vías que tenemos.

If in addition to donating, you want to make a regular donation as a Member of URDA SPAIN you can do it by clicking here: I want to become a member.

Regular members are the ones who help to keep our mission and the development of long-term projects alive.

You can fill in this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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