About Us


URDA Spain is a non-profit organization that provides conditions and opportunities for a dignified life to populations in situations of special vulnerability, such as migrants, refugees, displaced persons and/or those affected by war or natural disasters. 

We want to raise awareness in civil society about the reality of these people, and promote their integration and social inclusion, reducing vulnerability factors and promoting at all times the defense and protection of human rights.


URDA Spain wants to promote and develop sustainable and lasting changes in those social realities in which it intervenes.

Ayuda humanitaria

We want to facilitate the empowerment of particularly vulnerable communities and individuals, such as refugees and victims of armed conflicts or natural disasters, enabling them to enjoy decent living conditions and social stability.

Our values



A multitude of changing factors make working in the field of humanitarian and development crises always complicated. For URDA Spain, it is therefore essential to have committed, motivated and highly qualified professionals who respect the humanitarian principles of independence, impartiality, accountability, participation and humanity.



We execute our actions with absolute transparency. The activities and projects we develop, as well as the destination of all donations we receive, are publicly accessible. All the people who collaborate with URDA Spain can know the execution of the projects and the management of the allocated funds.



URDA Spain's work is carried out with total equity towards the beneficiaries. We develop all our actions without any discrimination against individuals or groups. We do not contemplate any type of exclusion or preference for reasons of race, ethnicity, religion, sex or any other difference.



URDA Spain actively contributes to the social, economic and environmental improvement of different realities and contexts, with absolute respect for different cultures. We provide different communities with options for a dignified life, respecting their customs and traditions. In URDA Spain we feel responsible to our beneficiaries and to the people who support our work.



URDA Spain is committed to the defense and protection of Human Rights, in each of its actions for development and in its humanitarian and emergency interventions. We count, at all times, with the beneficiaries, involving them in any decision making, taking into account their needs and interests, and working on the development of their capacities.